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Our musical concerts only partially define us – the Colorado Symphony offers many events and activities for people of all ages. The Colorado Symphony is a vibrant and vital part of the Denver community. From education concerts (kids in grades 3-12) and performances by noted musicians, to unique donor and sponsor opportunities and behind-the-scenes activities, the Colorado Symphony always offers innumerable things to do and see. Whenever you want music, friends and fun special events, remember the Colorado Symphony delivers enjoyment throughout the year. Please read on to learn about our mission.

Our Mission

Creating extraordinary musical experiences transport today’s listener, from the best of the past to the edge of the future.

The Colorado Symphony performs more than 150 concerts during its regular season at Boettcher Concert Hall and on location throughout the state and region. 2013/14 season highlights include appearances by virtuoso violinists Itzhak Perlman and Joshua Bell, and classical pianists Natasha Paremski and Steven Hough. This season’s Pops and Classic Rock series feature rock greats, iconic film scores and Broadway blockbusters. The Holiday, Family and Inside the Score series offer musical favorites, captivating collaborations and interactive concerts for music lovers of all ages.

Mile High City

Denver, Colorado, known as the “Mile High City,” is located in the eastern foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The city’s nickname comes from the fact its official elevation above sea level is exactly 5,280 feet. There is a wealth of recreational and cultural activities for visitors and residents looking for things to do in Denver, among them the events at the Denver Performing Arts Complex.

Denver Performing Arts Complex

The Denver Performing Arts Complex, a four-block 12-acre site which has 10,000 seats in ten performing areas, hosts our company, the Colorado Symphony. The complex, the second largest in the country, also hosts Opera Colorado, ballet companies, chorales and both plays and musical theater productions by visiting theater companies.

Boettcher Concert Hall

We perform in Boettcher Concert Hall at the Denver Performing Arts Complex. The hall, built in 1978, is this country’s first 360-degree concert hall. More than 2700 seats are arranged in five seating areas (dress circle, orchestra, mezzanine, a section next to the stage and overhead rings floating above the lower seats). The reasoning behind the hall-in-the-round concept is so that no audience member is more than 85 feet from the stage, with more than 80% of the audience being seated within 65 feet of the stage.

Acoustics are the key to Boettcher Concert Hall’s success. The four acoustical elements which make the sound so wonderful are the canopy, the fascia, the moat and the seats. The About Boettcher Concert Hall page on our Web site has a detailed discussion about the acoustics.